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5 billion yuan, planned land 463 mu, is located in the southwest XiYou road and innovation avenue jiaokou, cotruction area of 453000 square mete, the cotruction of teaching center, rDangdang dangdang - quick print guest flagship store as the world s leading integrated online shopping mall, on December 8, 2010 officially listed on the New York stock exchange, to become China s fit fully online business, based in the United States listed the B2C online mall, books, audio and video products cover, beauty makeup, home, mother and baby, clothes, and 3 c digital doze of categories, such as registered use throughout the country 32 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regio and municipalities directly under the central government, every day there are 4.
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Bags as a Chinese gift webex China s household electrical appliances research ititute deputy chief engineer jian-guo lu said, China s electrical appliances product few 3 c certification, air purifier also no 3 c certification standards.
3, the upgrading of new oil net, super filter, lumen oil, is not really free to unpick and wash.
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Chinese gift webex Gift promotion, as you know, if not really part of the savings to the customer, then can be said to be a failure.